Clarity & Unity Advisory


Guiding teams to synergy
empowering leaders to envision their true path.

This could be you and your team

I help unaligned teamsIn tech companiesTo get on the same pageSo they can succeed in accomplishing their common mission

I help leaders
That don't feel 100% clarity with their visionTo find the clarity and purposeThat will motivate the entire team

I'm Ana Maria Ghita.
As a Certified Coach with a deep passion for psychology, personal development, and spirituality, I bring a holistic approach to professional growth. My method is not just about addressing the present but unlocking the potential for future harmony and success within your organization.
With a background in design, sustainability and IT, I now support teams and leaders in their journeys.

Leveraging research-based approaches and proven frameworks that I've successfully implemented in my past work, I ensure that every strategy is grounded in evidence and tailored to deliver tangible results for your team and leadership goals.All for you to experience the biggest possible growth in our time together.

The path to impactful leadership and cohesive teamwork doesn't have to be traversed alone.Let me be your ally in this journey, offering insights and strategies that may currently be just beyond your view.Together, we can navigate through the complexities of today's workplace challenges to uncover a clearer, united path forward.


"The fact that I had a chance to meet Ana literally changed my life. She planted a seed in my mind which turned out to change the whole perception of my life! In the next 3 months after meeting her I got a dream opportunity that I was working for the 8 years!"~ Csaba, 29 years, Slovakia

"When you are at a turning point in your life, when everything feels like quick sand, having someone in your corner can feel very much like a lifeline. That's what Ana's coaching sessions felt like - she creates this space that feels safe and full of compassion, a space of growth and transformation. I am extremely grateful for her support and guidance."~ Nico, 27 years, Tech Consultancy, Romania

"Ana is a beautiful Soul and a gifted Coach! She provides safe compassionate space with which I felt heard and seen. Ana's ability to guide me into the depths of my inner wisdom and knowing helped me find the answers I was seeking. Her intuition was also a great tool in assisting my success. Thank you Ana!"~ Yvonne, 46 years, Massachusetts, USA

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